Sunday, August 5, 2012


What follows is a variety of photos of children in family tree, ranging in dates from the 1860s to the 1980s. 

Two of my great-great-grandfather George Merriman's sisters: Lucinda
Merriman (left) and Mollie Merriman (right), circa 1867, Jacksonville, Oregon.
Courtesy Southern Oregon Historical Society

My great-great-grandfather Oscar Wadleigh at about 5 years old, circa 1870.  He is
sporting what was apparently fashionable dress for little boys.  Sanbornton, New Hampshire.

Mary J. Halliburton, the niece of my great-great-great-grandmother
Elizabeth Halliburton Current.  Photo taken in about 1875 in
Clarksville, Tennessee. Mary died from yellow fever in 1878 at the
age of 9 along with all of her siblings.
Photo from Barbara Wentz via
Three of my great-grandmother Vera Merriman's siblings: Thomas Merriman
(left), George Merriman (middle) and May Merriman (right).
Photo taken circa 1888, Medford, Oregon.
Two of my great-grandfather Benjamin Plymale's sisters: Marie Plymale (left)
and Emaline Plymale (right), circa 1893, Jacksonville, Oregon.
Courtesy Southern Oregon Historical Society.
My great-grandfather Neil Bixby, circa 1898, Garden City, Minnesota.

Three children of Fred Wadleigh, my great-great-grandfather's brother: Theodore
Wadleigh (left), Ruth Wadleigh (center), Winthrop Wadleigh
(right), circa 1906, Milford, New Hampshire.
My great-grandfather's niece Arline Bixby, circa 1918, Minnesota.
Courtesy Debra McEachern.
My grandfather's brother Eric Wadleigh (right) and his cousin
Harry Dragoo (left), circa 1922, Indianapolis, Indiana.
Left to right: Keith Bixby (my grandmother's cousin), Evelyn Bixby (my grandmother's sister),
Shirley Bixby (my grandmother's sister), Deane Bixby (my grandmother's brother),
circa 1928, Portland, Oregon.
My grandmother Bettye Brown, circa 1930, unknown location.
My grandfather Paul Wadleigh, circa 1933, Indianapolis, Indiana.
My grandmother Patricia Bixby (bottom right) and her siblings (Evelyn, Shirley and Deane, in back) and cousins
(Keith and Dennis Bixby, front), circa 1933, Portland, Oregon.
My mom's birthday in 1956, Seattle, Washington. Left to right: George Plymale, Margaret Brown,
Tracy Brown, Barbara Plymale, Catherine Plymale.
My dad and his siblings and cousins at their grandparents' house for Christmas, apparently making a gingerbread house,
late 1950's, Indianapolis, Indiana. 
My cousins Deana Plymale and Ira Wilks, 1981, Woodinville, Washington.