Sunday, June 26, 2011

10 years later, same clothes

The two photos below are of my great-great-great-great-grandparents, William Riddle and Maxamillia Bouseman Riddle. They were both raised in central Ohio and moved together to Illinois during the 1830's.  They crossed the Oregon Trail in 1851 and settled in southern Oregon. The tiny city of Riddle, Oregon is named after their family.

William and Maxamillia were hardworking and courageous people. They were farmers (Maxamillia primarily ran the farm) and William was a blacksmith. When they moved to southern Oregon, they were befriended by the local Cow Creek Indian tribe. While most of the white settlers were hostile towards the Indians, the Riddles were on friendly terms with them. The tribe even gave members of the Riddle family their own names. William was called "Lomtu" (which means "old man") and Maxamillia was called "Mulagolan" (which means "mother").

William and Maxamillia Riddle in the 1850's
(when they were both in their 40's)
Photo from Douglas County Museum

William and Maxamillia Riddle in the 1860's
(when they were both in their 50's)
Photo from Southern Oregon Historical Society

My descent from William and Maxamillia:
William Riddle md. Maxamillia Bouseman
- Artinecia Riddle md. William Merriman
-- George Merriman md. Mary Murray
--- Vera Merriman md. Benjamin Plymale
---- Ben Plymale md. Patricia Bixby
----- Barbara Plymale md. Randy Wadleigh
------ Ryan Wadleigh

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