Sunday, June 19, 2011


In honor of Father's Day, I have thrown together this small sampling of photographs of fathers and their children in my family tree. Enjoy!

me, my dad and Odin, about 1985

my paternal grandfather Paul Wadleigh in about 1956 with
his three children: Mark,  Karen, and Randy (my dad)

my grandfather Paul Wadleigh (left) with his brothers
Gerald and Eric (right) holding each of their firstborn children:
Karen (Paul), Susan (Gerald) and Penny (Eric), 1948

my maternal grandfather Ben Plymale in 1960 with his
four children: Catherine, Deane, Barbara (my mom) and George

My paternal grandmother Bettye "Moe" Brown
with her dad, Newell Brown, early 1930's

My grandfather Paul Wadleigh with
his father Odin Wadleigh, 1930's

My great-grandfather Neil Bixby and his son
Deane Bixby, who was going off to WWII, about 1942

My great-great-grandfather George Merriman and his wife
Mary with their daughter Vera Merriman, when she was going
away to college in 1915. Apparently whoever was taking the
photo told George to take his hat off for the photo, and his
humorous response was to put it on the bush next to him.

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